How do I unlock awards?

Unlock awards, earn coins, and get bragging rights. Awards are digital badges that are difficult to unlock, but important to your overall standing in the BUNT community. Collecting complete team sets, finding super-rare limited-edition cards, and owning cards whose players do amazing things on the gridiron earn awards.

Some Awards are persistent and can always be unlocked. But be on the lookout, some Awards are only available for the limited time.

Awards are unlocked and earned in numerous ways. The most common way to unlock Awards is to complete a team set. For instance, the Detroit Award is unlocked only if you collect and own all Detroit cards currently available in BUNT. There are a ton of Awards to chase for all sorts of fans, avid collectors and PTS chasers alike.

Other Awards require you to collect and own special super-rare cards at the right time. To learn more about how to earn a specific Award, go to HOME, tap AWARDS, and tap any AWARD on the sheet.

Awards allow you show off your BUNT skills. Become the first fan of your team to unlock all currently available Awards. Share it and brag about it on Facebook and Twitter. And generally demonstrate to the world your unique knowledge of the sport and your trading savvy.

Some Awards also earn you coins. The more coins you earn, the more packs you can rip open, and the more cards you can collect, play, and trade.

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