What is the news screen for?

Every day is different. Get a fresh perspective on what’s going on both on the field and around BUNT. Chase, collect, and rule the trading market with special, limited-edition cards. Unlock awards and unlock bragging rights. But don’t forget game day. Set your lineups, take chances on young players, and cheer on your starting nine BUNT cards as they do battle on the diamond. 

From recaps of and scoring big points to others being relegated to the bench, the NEWS is your source for player tips, game updates, and team and information. The news is also your home for finding out what is going on in BUNT. You’ll need to know when your favorite player is going to be available in packs or what awards are set to be chased down. Everyday you should log in to find out if a new contest, player or award has been added to BUNT.

The NEWS is set up in reverse chronological order like your favorite sport blogs with the most recent news right up at the top.

If a new item is really important, we will pin it to the top of the news feed. Pinned stories are MUST-reads for any fan playing BUNT. Throughout the day several news stories will be pinned to the top of the news and you should check back for the latest goings on in BUNT.

To get the full scoop on a news item tap anywhere on the article photo for the full story view. From the full story view you can share your thoughts on the news item and with other fans in BUNT. Please keep it cordial and follow our community guidelines for making posts or you will receive a time out. Three time outs will result in an indefinite suspension.

There is also a TIPS button on the top left of the black navigation bar. In tips you get all the inside information and explanations on how BUNT works as we progress through the season. 

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