How do I use my home screen?

The home screen is the command center of your team. Everything you need to know about your team is managed from this screen.

From here you can update your fan icon, see what day you joined BUNT, how many coins you have and what team you support. Click on the “Trade” or “Play” buttons near the top to take you to those screens. But that’s not all.


Consider the home page to be your very own BUNT headquarters. You can see how many trades are still awaiting your decision, and how many other fans you’ve yet to rate. This affects your trader rating, which is what those five stars next to “rating” denotes. Scroll down for more information about that.


You can see how you’re stacking up on our numerous fan leaderboards also. How you rank in PTS amongst your friends, all fans of your favorite team, and all members of BUNT Nation is displayed. Swiping to the right allows you to compare how you’re doing this week to last week and also all season long.


Under PTS, you will see Awards. You can view your trophy case full of all the awards you’ve unlocked so far, how many there are in total, and how close you are to them. Clicking on an available award will also allow you to view what you need to acquire to unlock it.


The value of your cards is summed up into your Collection Score, which rates your collection against all other fans in BUNT. You can see how many total cards you have, what percentage of cards available, and how many Super Rare cards you’ve gotten so far.

On the bottom of the page, you’ll find the social aspect of BUNT, where you can find other fans either by searching by fan name or using your Facebook page. You can also invite friends from your contacts or through Facebook.

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