How does trading work?

You can make trades via the TRADES section and trade up to 9 cards in a single transaction. Trades are the life’s blood of BUNT. Offering trades for your favorite players to other fans is the fun and free way to build up your card collection. All trades in BUNT are with REAL people inside BUNT.

Robots don’t play baseball, and they don’t trade cards either! Engage, chat, and trade with your friends or baseball foes, not with bots or simulators, using Trade Talk and Trades. Trades are where a fan makes their reputation. Make fair, good and helpful trades to other fans and you’ll have no trouble managing your team. BUNT fans should come into BUNT every day to find out if they have new trade offers or to make new trades.

For every trade either accepted or declined, you’ll be able to rate your fellow fan. These ratings will accumulate into your TRADER RATING, which will be displayed on your homepage, in any future trades and whenever you comment on an article.

You must be signed in and have a verified account to engage in trading in BUNT.


There are multiple ways to access the TRADE screen in BUNT. To view outstanding offers, you’ll see TRADES in the middle of your home page. It’s sorted by “Pending” and “To Rate.” “Pending” is the amount of trades that are waiting your decision. “To rate” are completed offers, either accepted or declined, that require a decision that will affect your fellow fan’s TRADER RATING.

Immediately after opening a pack, you can choose “Trade” on the bottom of the screen. There, you will be asked if you want to trade that card away or try to acquire another copy of it. From there, BUNT will take you to the trade screen, and you will be able to drag and drop cards you are willing to give up to acquire another card.

Hit NEXT to advance to a screen full of fans who currently have that card. You can offer the trade to up to five fans, but once one is accepted, all others will automatically be canceled.

You can view another fan’s cards and choose any of their cards you would like to try to make a deal for by viewing them on their fan home page. The first step is to choose the player cards you want to GET. You can create a trade for any available player card in BUNT.  

You can select up to nine cards in the GET screen. Use the sort button to narrow down the player view so you can easily find your target player. The next step is to select the player you are willing to GIVE up in the trade. The player list displayed will be all the cards you already own.

You can select up to nine players to move along to another team. You may edit either side of your trade by tapping GIVE or GET and adding or removing players from your proposed deal.

Once you’ve got your partners lined up you have the option of adding a comment to your trade before sending This is your chance to make your case for why a fan should accept your trade.

You may also initiate the trade screen from any player card profile view by tapping trade on the back of their card. TRADE TALK Trade Talk is where fans post the player cards they are looking for in a trade. Think of it like as a bazaar where everyone gathers to talk about what they have to sell or to just browse and see what is for sale. You can initiate a TRADE from the trade talk by tapping the fan profile image in their trade talk post and selecting OFFER TRADE.

After tapping OFFER TRADE you will be will be in the TRADE screen where you can select the player you would like to trade for from another fan profile.

Remember to keep trade talk clean and abide by our community policy. Before your first post you must read and accept our community policy. Failure to comply with our rules inside BUNT will result in time out or lead to indefinite suspensions.



My Trades is where you can view all the trades you have offered to other fans and any trade offers that have been made to you. The MY TRADES section is designed to easily scroll through with your finger. If you would like to act on a trade in your MY TRADES view, tap on the trade and accept, decline or counter the trade.

Countering the trade allows you to create a new trade with the existing players still listed and gives you the opportunity to edit the trade more to your liking. Remember, every trade is a negotiation and its best to leave comments even when you are declining a trade. The more you participate and the better a trader you are, the more likely you are to have successful trades.

Accepted trades will add players to your collection immediately.

The MY TRADES view has lots of important information displayed about an individual trade.

  • GET - Listed are the players your team will receive in the trade. There may be up to three players offered.
  • NEED IT - If a player in a trade has a small yellow “NEED IT” flag on the player card image, that means that you do not own that card in the trade.
  • GIVE - Listed are the players your team will send to another team in the trade. There may be up to three players offered.



Trades may be in several states:

  • ACCEPTED – trades that have been accepted.
  • PENDING – when a trade is pending a timer displaying how long that trade is available will be displayed. All trades are PENDING for 24 hours.
  • DECLINED – the trade offer has been either declined by you or the fan the trade was offered to.
  • VOIDED – trades are voided when the player cards in that trade have been accepted in a separate trade. For instance… if you send out 5 trades trading Cazorla for Hazard and one fan accepts it, the four remaining trades will be voided.
  • OFFERED BY – Fan names with a yellow flag indicate that a trade was offered to you.
  • SORT - There are several sort options for trades to help fans see what trades are new, what trades are pending and trades from just friends. You can also sort by newest or last modified offers
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