BUNT 2016: What's new?

What’s new for 2016? 

  • Card Exchange: Fans can trade in and upgrade their cards without needing a trading partner. This feature mimics the very popular “Smugglers Den” of the Topps Star Wars Card Trader App.
  • Player Levels: Fans will now be able to attain different levels within the app, which will help fans track their progress and compare their collecting, trade and play accomplishments to other fans.
  • Base Card Parallels: chase TWICE as many of your favorite players than in 2015, with 10 Base Card parallels of each player.
  • Scoring Updates: Score big with heavy hitters and beware of penalties to pitchers in hot water!
  • Equipment Cards: Fans will be able to chase cards of essential baseball equipment for the purpose of trading in with Card Exchange to improve the Base Color Parallel of their favorite MLB stars.
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