BUNT 2016: Equipment Cards (NEW!)

New for 2016: Equipment Cards!

Fans will be able to chase cards of essential baseball equipment for the purpose of trading in with Card Exchange to improve the Base Color Parallel of their favorite MLB stars. 


There are 8 different types of Equipment Cards, only 5 of which (depending on the player's position) will be needed for most card exchanges. 


To UPGRADE all PITCHERS, you will need Equipment Cards featuring: a HAT, a BASEBALL, a ROSIN BAG, a CLEAT, and a GLOVE.


To UPGRADE all POSITION PLAYERS, you will need Equipment Cards featuring: a HELMET, a BATTING GLOVE, a BASEBALL BAT, a CLEAT, and a GLOVE.


Each piece of equipment comes in BLUE, ORANGE, TEAL, PURPLE, BLACK, SILVER, and GOLD parallels, all of which can be obtained in specially marked packs.


Also, at least one BLUE or ORANGE parallel Equipment Card will be guaranteed in MOST Base Packs.

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