How do player cards work?

The player profile tells all managers everything they need to know about that player in BUNT. You’ll notice some cards score differently than others. In 2016, players have 10 base parallels, each with a different color frame and rarity. The 10 levels represent a different multiplier. White Base parallels do not have any added scoring to them.

Red = 1.2x scoring

Green = 1.5x scoring

Blue = 1.7x scoring

Orange = 2.0x scoring

Teal = 2.2x scoring

Purple = 2.5x scoring

Black = 3.0x scoring

Silver = 4.0x scoring

Gold = 5.0x scoring


Listed on a player profile is:

  • Position
  • Current team
  • Jersey number
  • Real-Time Stats for the 2016 MLB Season
  • PTS accumulated during the 2016 MLB Season
  • Game-by-game stat lines of the player's previous or current game
  • Current card count
  • Set and Series


NOTE: 2016 cards will score for the duration of the 2016 season, unless that player is no longer with the team he is pictured on. At that point, that card will no longer score PTS in contests.

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